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How do you convince business leaders in marketing and advertising to invest in a new ad tech software for their company?


Role: Account Executive

The Adobe Experience Cloud for Advertising combines all the power of Adobe's ad tech solutions (Audience Manager, Analytics Cloud, and Advertising Cloud) into one all-encompassing solution. Adobe tasked us with building an awareness campaign that reaches some of the hardest consumers to convince: advertisers.


District 10: Second Place

The Ask

The primary goal of this campaign is to raise awareness of Adobe as the leading, independent ad tech provider with our target audience: companies and agencies spending $1M+ annually on digital advertising

Target Audience

FrontRunners: A leader who strives to exceed expectations and is determined to leave an impact on the industry. They are typically within the roles of C-Suite Executives, High-Level Management, Planners, or Buyers and are involved in the buying process for new company-wide software.

Key Insights

FrontRunners want to leave an impact

Primary research shows that FrontRunners are goal-oriented professionals that are always on the lookout for solutions to propel their career while keeping up with industry advancements. This mentality allows the target audience to lead their company while building upon their own success.

They are searching for a partner with a solution

FrontRunners want to partner with a company that delivers on its promises and provides a solution that removes friction. Moreover, they seek a seamless workflow that allows them to take charge and maximize their business.

emotion over Information

Primary and secondary research states that business professionals resonate best with B2B advertisements that are relatable, visually appealing, and provide relevant product information. Emotional appeals will be used to capture FrontRunners’ attention and intrigue them to learn more about the ad tech product.


Executions will feature professionals and their empowering stories of success. The ads will present the Adobe Experience Cloud for Advertising as the perfect partner to maximize their drive for meaningful achievement.



Lead Your Legacy


Adobe Experience Cloud for Advertising provides advertisers with an all-encompassing solution that FrontRunners can use to build their legacies.

Creative Concept

Teams make purchase decisions but one person can lead the whole group.

Creative Insight

Lead Your Legacy reinforces the idea that FrontRunners are leaders looking to advance their careers. The tagline provides a call to action for them to be in charge of their decisions while benefiting themselves and their company's interests.

Creative Strategy

Digital Display

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