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December 21st

If an ad can make you laugh and cry all while using the most basic copy imaginable then you know you have just told one amazing story and this Polish e-commerce platform nailed it!

I could walk a mile in this ads shoes all day, all I could say is that I would have loved to have sat in the meeting where the idea for this ad came from.

Sometimes storytelling is done so well in ads that we feel like we all won the lottery. This long form ad for Spain's State Lottery is one of the best examples I've seen of story structure done properly in an advertisement.


University of phoenix

Shiner beer

Dream Crazy

Working Adults


This is half of America's favorite ad and the other's most hated but sometimes you have to "Dream Crazy" and take a risk, right?

I have worked 40+ hours a week during my time in school as well as left for 3 years and returned to continue my eduction so this ad hits home a little bit. Plus who doesn't love the New Radicals?

Texans love Shiner. I'm Texan so I love Shiner. I'm a Texan in advertising so I love Shiner advertising.

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