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How do you get cranberries out of the morning monopoly? 


The Ocean Spray brand is mostly known for their cranberry juice products but lack audience recognition in their other growing product lines. We suggested a creative campaign that took the brand out of the morning monopoly and into every hour of the day.

What I worked on

Role: Campaign Strategist

  • Consumer Insights

  • Brand Strategy

  • Production Assistant 

The Ask

Develop a year-long full integrated campaign for Ocean Spray highlighting the variety of products they offer with an objective of increasing favorable opinion and gaining relevancy among the millennial audience.

The Problem

1. Fruit juices are perceived as a morning-only drink

2. Millennials aren't aware of the variety of products that Ocean Spray has to offer


Highlight the variety and versatility of Ocean Spray's product line

Ocean Spray isn't just a cranberry juice brand and they aren't strictly cranberries either. The brands extensive product line of over 90 products is versatile enough to fit into every activity that gets thrown at your through out the day. Consumers hardly know about the versatility that Ocean Spray has to offer and won't know about it unless told.

Push Ocean Spray out of the morning monopoly

The morning monopoly is bogged down by several other players in the juice industry but Ocean Spray has the product line to make it's way out of this over crowded part of the day. After showing consumers the variety of Ocean Spray's product line we will have to show them how this variety fits into their day outside of the morning.





Focus Group





One on One 






Digital Diaries



Through our research we asked consumers to rank four words on how they effected their purchasing behaviors, taste, convenience, health, and price. Consumers heavily favored taste and convenience over health and price. This effected our campaign drastically by allowing us to focus on particular shopping habits that would lead our communication through out the campaign. We decided as a team to not disregard the health aspect of cranberries but to highlight the taste and convenience of Ocean Spray's product with an added kick of health benefits.

Research finding

Slide Elements-10.png

Target Audience

Slide Elements-07.png

The older Millennial: 24-35 years old

Pursuers have built a foundation for themselves and are setting the stage for the rest of their lives. Some are starting new jobs, other are having their first child, but they're all looking for the perfect balance between work and play. They're focused on their goals, but make  time to look for new experiences - especially when it comes to food. Optimistic, sharp, and adaptable, they embrace critical moments in their lives and create their own success. Let's meet the Pursuers:

Slide Elements-03.png


She's a go-getter working in a fast paced environment with a work ethic to match. She's at the office before nine in the morning and works late most of the time, sometimes forgetting to take her lunch break. She's determined to climb the company ladder, and Ocean Spray is a refreshing addition to her routine that doesn't interrupt her work.

For Jessica, Ocean Spray is a snack that won't slow her down.

Slide Elements-04.png


As a stay-at-home dad, Michael wants the best for his family. Between taking his kids to school, t-ball practice, and dentist appointments, he has a lot on his plate. It's hard to make sure his kids are getting a nourishing treat that also tastes great. Whether he's eating breakfast with the kids or celebrating a playoff win, Ocean Spray is a tasty solution for the entire family to enjoy.

For Michael, Ocean Spray is a

household staple.

Brand Strategy


Over-the-top but grounded in reality


Ocean Spray is for those that work hard and play hard, all day.

Positioning Statement

To Pursuers, Ocean Spray is a wholesome snack that provides a happy pick me up whenever the day gets tough.




Giving each day a wave of healthy happiness

Happy Hour with Ocean Spray


Ocean Spray has a juice or snack to fit into any activity at any

hour of the day.

Creative Concept

Ocean Spray's lineup is diverse and wholesome, but Pursuers don't see the versatility of Ocean Spray's juice and food products.

Creative Insight

Happy Hour with Ocean Spray is an opportunity to take care of yourself while making sure you’re also taking care of

whatever else needs your attention. 

So make any hour, Happy Hour with Ocean Spray!

Creative Strategy

Video Executions

Ocean Spray

Ocean Spray


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Soccer Moms

Soccer Moms

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Stop Motion Recipe

Stop Motion Recipe

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  Lubbock ADDY  Judges’ Choice

Lubbock ADDY - Gold

Consumer Brand Campaign

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