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Why Mister Rogers would make an amazing strategist

Mister Rogers welcomed kids into his neighborhood for over 30 years and taught them many lessons about life that can also be used in today's landscape of modern advertising.

There is an explosion of Mister Rogers nostalgia happening right now from the release of the Tom Hank's movie, "A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood" to a flood of Mister Rogers related podcasts, documentaries, and books. As adults, we are turning back to the lessons that Mister Rogers taught us, lessons about liking ourselves, how to handle our feelings and understanding people that are different than us but most importantly he wanted children to understand it's ok to ask the question, "Why?"

Mister Rogers created educational programs for children but they wouldn't have been successful if he didn't understand what children were thinking and feeling. He studied child development and psychology at the University of Pittsburgh while he was filming the show so that he could stay relevant

Empathy is the most effective form of communication

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