How do you inform the modern skateboarder about Vans new Pro Classics?


Role: Strategist | Art Director

Vans Pro Classics are the original shoes Vans made for skateboarding by listening to skateboarders, now revamped with the input from modern-day skateboarders. The modern-day skateboarder isn't just a skateboarder anymore, and they don't wear Vans just for skateboarding. There is more to Vans culture than just skateboarding.

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The Ask

Vans Pro Classics look just like classic Vans, but they have been redesigned to be more durable, highly-cushioned performance skate shoes. Since they look almost exactly like classic Vans (the original skate shoes from the 70s and 80s), how can we make sure skate consumers are aware of the difference and seek out the Pro Classics for their performance skate needs?

Target Audience

Core and committed skateboarders, ages 15-24. They skate every day, consume skate media.

Key Insight

Skateboarders’ style has influenced street fashion for years, and Vans Classics are an essential piece of that look. Pro Classics give you the performance of a modern skate shoe without having to give up a classic look.

Leveraging The Culture

Skateboarding is increasingly mainstream, and as it grows, local scenes and contributions have become more and more important to this audience. Is there a way to leverage local actions to tell a broader, unifying story?

The modern-day skateboarder is more than just a skateboarder. They are in bands, are painters, are photographers… they are multidimensional people with many different hobbies.

Vans "Off The Wall" culture is all about being eccentric and unconventional or just "one of a kind." Our target audience all have something they do between skateboarding, so showcasing their respective side hustles that allow them to express themselves can allow us to leverage this culture.



Made For Skateboarding & Everything In Between


Vans Pro Classics are durable and comfortable enough to wear all day, whether you are skateboarding or doing what makes you "Off The Wall".

Creative Concept

The modern-day skateboarder is more than just a skateboarder.

Creative Insight

Everything In Between is an opportunity to show consumers that we heard them and understand that the modern skateboarder needs a versatile shoe that can keep up with their lifestyle. 

Creative Strategy